Damir Ocko: PST

Temporary Encounters # 3
09/08/2014 - 25/10/2014

Third (solo) exhibition and the last installment in the framework of Temporary Encounters at Apoteka – space for contemporary is PST by Damir Očko. The artist intervenes the “current situation” of the space already occupied by Vlatka Horvat and Igor Eskinja with a series of recent collages. The works are encountered in this temporary constellation.
Works by Damir Očko are seen as a complex and multi-layered orchestrations, the meeting place of different narratives and texts. Along with his work in film Damir Ocko produces series of works on paper – various visual, graphic materials, collages, drawings, artist books, typographic scores, that are following a fragmented narrative of a collage structure becoming space for research, focusing on the processes that unfold within the work of art. Ocko explores the syntactic and linguistic permutations, interrelationships, distortions, language, voice, sound and images.
Breaks and fractures on which the idea about collage builds up, as a process and procedure constructing a work of art is a fissure in the fabric of the text. Provoking breaks in perception analog to the fragmentation of the work of art itself, dismantling it as a fixed constellation. It is in such places as breaks, ruptures, fractures that the meaning is shaped and sometimes impossible to verbally articulate. Damir Ocko points out how the complexity and “surgically precise” structure is the essence to understand his multilayered work, putting viewer in the role of a researcher willing to navigate through layers of meaning intuitively, as articulating new systems knowledge.

Damir Očko
samostalne izložbe/ solo exhibitions / mostre personali: Studies on Shivering, KM Halle fur Kust und Medien, Graz (2014), The Kingdom of Glottis, Palais de Tokyo (2012), The Body Score, Yvon Lambert, Paris (2013), On Ulterior Scale, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf (2011), MMC Luka, Pula (2012), Galleria Tiziana di Caro (Salerno), Kunstverein Leipzig, Kunsthalle München.
Skupne izložbe/ group exhibitions / mostre colettive& festivals: MSU Zagreb, Villa Romana, Firenca; Kunsthalle Wien; HIAP Helsinki, Videoformes Clermont Ferrand, 25FPS, Zagreb; Videobrasil; AiR: Temple Bar Gallery&Studios, Dublin; Academie Schloss Solitude; KulturKontakt, Vienna

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