Tanja Deman: Abode of Vacancy

12/07/2013 - 30/07/2013

The scenes Tanja Deman shows the observer are the result of media, digital manipulation that make a simple scene noticeably constructed and artificial. By showing the artificially created, industrial world, placing narration in the background, the symbolism of the modern, urban, technological world is revealed, enableing us to redefine our relationship with reality by destroying the traditional milestones of understanding realism.
Tanja Deman engages with elements of modernist architecture, monumentality and the symbolical capital. Her works represent nameless scenes of urban life devoid of people, as anonymous cold urban spaces and frames of urban geometry without significant identity. Scenes as combinations of memory, perception of reality and possible projections of the future represent the memento of an imaginary journey and contribute to the creation of the melancholy atmosphere. Attention is drawn to silence and void, the absence they encompass. The video Abode of Vacancy is a series of still images structured as a slide show video tableau presenting a series of still frames of extended duration, like frozen photographs. Immersed in the projection, in the spaces filled by projected images we feel immersed in the spece of fiction.

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