SofijaSilvia & Ibro Hasanović

20/09/2013 - 10/11/2013

Works by SofijaSilvia and Ibro Hasanović represent special relationship to the past, through romanticized narratives and elements of nostalgia, representing places of memory, time, history, imagination. Image of nostalgia, writes Svetlana Boym, is an image of the collision of past and present, imagination and reality. SofijaSilvia is presented with “Rooms”, a series of interiors from the series “Silent Islands”, realized on the islands of Brijuni, and Ibro Hasanović is showing the video “Spectre” where a camera travels around the military ship Galeb. Vacant of human presence, empty, abandoned, those images are representing almost mythical places of glorious past. “Spectres” of Galeb and Brijuni hotel rooms, today occupy a vacant social and ideological space with a perspective of an (un)certain future – that of a commodity and a tourist attraction.
Curated by: Branka Benčić

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