Cinemaniac Think Film 2023: Double Exposure

The twenty-second edition of the side program Cinemaniac > Think Film of the 70th Pula Film Festival, Double Exposure, presents a look back, a fragmented and cursory glance at the audiovisual production of women in the cultural space of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the 1960 and 1970s. It brings together several curators, initiatives, programmes, and research interested in the affirmation of the visibility of women, artists, authors, filmmakers in art and film – from the exhibition, research, and accompanying film and video programme of the current inter-museum project Vidljive (Visible)*, which includes the RONDO programme – from exposure to oblivion and back, to Film Mutations – Festival of Invisible Cinema and the Katarina Cinema.

Double Exposure is not attempting the impossible – establishing a complete overview that is inherently fragmented and elusive, but wants to remind, expose, or take another look at certain artistic positions and phenomena. It brings together select amateur, experimental film and video, or short documentarist interventions created by female artists and film authors and amateurs in the cultural space of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, examining the practices extending from avant-garde experiments, documenting everyday life, works based on video recordings, and performances. The works explore the positions of identity, strategies of self-representation, and media experiments. They were created in the 1960s, a time marked by a wave of enthusiasm in cinema clubs and cinema amateurism, especially in cinema clubs in Zagreb, Split, and Belgrade, and the time when video appeared as a medium within the practice of conceptual and post-conceptual art related to the New artistic practice of the 1970s. The programme brings together artistic positions, contexts, curatorial practices, and institutions that frame and shape the production of moving images of female artists in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: its presentation, care, interpretation, visibility, availability, and circulation. Double Exposure brings together some of anthological works of art exhibited and recognised the world over, as well as some forgotten works by the female artists. Double exposure means shaping the position of double visibility: artistic and audiovisual production by women at the central place of representation of cinema.

Double Exposure presents film and video works by Erna Banovac, Dunja Ivanišević, Tatjana Ivančić, Sanja Iveković, Ljubica Janković, Divna Jovanović, Jagoda Kaloper, Bojana Marijan, Bogdanka Poznanović and Irena Vrkljan.

Thank you / Courtesy of Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, family of Bogdanka Poznanović and Milica Badalić, Kino klub Split, Kino klub Zagreb, Miroslav Bata Petrović, Zagreb film, Provincial Secretariat of the Autonomous Province Vojvodina and Antje Ehmann and the Harun Farocki Institute

Curated by: Branka Benčić, Aleksandra Sekulić, Marta Baradić, Tanja Vrvilo

Organized by: Apoteka – Prostor za suvremenu umjetnost • Apoteka – Space for Contemporary Art
In collaboration with: Film Protufilm / Film Mutations – Festival of Invisible, Kino Katarina

Partners: Pula Film Festival, Gradska galerija Pula.

Project is supported by:
City of Pula, Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, HAVC Croatian Audiovisual Center, Region of Istria

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