Cinemaniac Think Film 2022

Sanja Iveković, Lynne Sachs, Martina Meštrović i Tanja Vujasinović

Gradska galerija Pula, Kandlerova 8
17. 7. – 25. 7. 2022.

This exhibition names, includes, and emphasises the work of female artists and the artistic work of women, and is formed as a temporary constellation of several recent works by female artists that create a dialogue of artistic phenomena within the group exhibition and open up the space of thinking and acting which deals with the position of female artists in the art system and artistic work, as well as their position in society. Along with the authors Sanja Iveković, Lynne Sachs, Martina Meštrović, and Tanja Vujasinović, the exhibition also has notable international female artists who are part of the anthology of avant-garde film: Gunvor Nelson, Barbara Hammer, Carolee Schneeman.

Curated by Branka Benčić

Organizer: Apoteka – Space for Contemporary Art
Partners: Pula Pula Film Festival, Pula City Gallery
Co-organisers: Waldinger Gallery, City Galleries
Thanks to artists. Bonobo Studio, Kino Rebelde
This exhibition is financed by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, City of Pula, and County of Istria.

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