Cinemaniac > Think Film 2019
Support program at 66. Pula film festival

Goran Trbuljak: WOW, WOW and Ready-Made

Think Film …Think Cinema
Mladen Stilinović, Chai Siris, Silvestar Kobas, Lara Ušić

14. 7. – 1. 8. 2019.
MMC Luka

Curated by Branka Benčić

Cinemaniac > Think film is a multi-annual research platform examining the connections between film, moving images and contemporary art, which has been a side programme of Pula Film Festival since 2002.
The 18th edition of the Cinemaniac > Think Film exhibition is structured in two parts, as two separate exhibitions, with the addition of screenings and discussions. The first exhibition is by Goran Trbuljak, a versatile artist, visual artist, pioneer of conceptual art, film cinematography, and animated film author. At the exhibition in Pula, Trbuljak will exhibit the latest cycle of his photographs from the series Sketches for a Sculpture, a series of still life photographs of sorts, with arranged ready-made objects as attributes of his two professions. He says about the concept behind the exhibits: “Godard said that cinema is truth twenty-four times per second, Haneke said it is a lie twenty-four times per second, and for me, cinema is twenty-four ready-mades per second.”
The second part of the project is the group exhibition Think Film >Think Cinema, pooling several artistic positions, which talk in different ways about the spaces of cinemas through works encompassing different meanings – cinema as a social space, as a space of memories and nostalgia, as a space of the magic of the screening, as a place of specific architecture, as a physical and symbolic space that follows and reflects societal and technological transformations. Authors: Mladen Stilinović, Chai Siris, Silvestar Kobas, Lara Ušić, and others.

This edition of Think film… continues to explore the memory and potential of cinema through the solo exhibition of Goran Trbuljak, and group exhibition think film … think cinema which by the work of four artists to tells about the cinema spaces disappearing from the public sphere and reminds us of the specific experience of watching films, all the way to the case study devised by the collaborators Marta Baradić and Sara Jakupec with the presentation of Kino Katarina and the fragmentary map of the disappearance of Pula’s cinemas.
By expanding the space of film thinking on Monday July 15th we will be seeing a selection of films from the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and discussing with Lars Henrik Gass about the book Film and Art After Cinema.

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