Artist in residence: Julian Palacz
Atelier – Auslandsstipendium des Landes Steiermark,

In the framework of AiR program in Zagreb supported by Austrian Region of Styria – Auslandsstipendium des Landes Steiermark young Austrian artist Julian Palasz will be presenting his artistic practice

on Monday, May 7th, 6PM at MaMa – Multimedia institute, Zagreb.

Julian Palacz’s conceptual work deal with the aesthetics of data and information traces left behind digitally by people. Customized software and algorithms built the basis of his process in reference to their usage in contemporary politics and society. From a critical and technological point of view, he is interested in decontextualizing analytical procedures of mass surveillance and complex digital structures to examine their artistic qualities. With his ironic and highly aestheticized works, he wants to stimulate new considerations of contemporary proceedings and the traces we leave behind both digitally and physically.

Julian Palacz lives and works in Vienna. Studies in Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna under Peter Weibel and Virgil Widrich. Co-founder of the publishing house TRAUMAWIEN for digital poetry.


Artist in residence program is organized by Apoteka – Space for Contemporary Art, in collaboration with Branka Bencic and Vladimir Tatomir.
With support by Land Steiermark.

Past artists in residence: MIHAEL FANTA (2015), SUSANNA FLOCK (2016), LEONHARD MUELLNER (2017)

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