Apoteka at Gallery Waldinger, Osijek
Kabinet, group exhibition


Matija Debeljuh, Tanja Deman, Ibro Hasanović, Kristian Kožul,

Lala Raščić, Hrvoje Slovenc, SofijaSilvia

Curated by: Branka Benčić

Gallery Waldinger – City gallery Osijek

23. 4. – 17. 5. 2015.

Kabinet was the framework of Apoteka’s 2013 programming, shaped a series of exhibitions. In Gallery Waldinger – City gallery Osijek artists are gathered in a group exhibition.  Kabinet is a space for work and study, place of experimentation, open for artistic, curatorial, programming research.  Kabinet is exploring the physical and symbolic potentiality of interiors, constructed spaces, by works of contemporary artists. It was meant as a gesture of appreciation, awareness and an hommage to the abandoned space of the pharmacy entrusted to us for temporary safekeeping by the Vodnjan Municipality.

Kainet brings together A Load From the Inside, a performative video by Lala Raščić; structured as a two-channel video installation taking place in rooms and chambers of a Viennese apartment of the Freud family kept by the Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna, series of photographs Sliparija – rebus 9 (film studies) by Matthias Debeljuh that represent fragments of identity constructed as a patchwork through interweaving of different details – subject, language customs, myths and legends allegorical meaning, a staged scene  by Kristian Kozul, as part of an imaginary setup of a historical museum, an anthropological study of the theatrical aspects of daily political routines,  video Abode of Vacancy by Tanja Deman, a series of still images structured as a slide show video tableau presenting a series of still frames of extended duration, like frozen photographs, Home Theatre by Hrvoje Slovenc, photgraphs that frame the theatrical aspect underscoring the “theatre of everyday life”, as well as a voyeur gaze aimed at people’s intimate spaces, revealing the voyeur character of photography, and works by SofijaSilvia and Ibro Hasanović that represent special relationship to the past, through romanticized narratives and elements of nostalgia, representing places of memory, time, history, imagination. SofijaSilvia  in “Rooms”, explores a series of interiors from  the islands of Brijuni. In Ibro Hasanović’s video “Spectre” camera travels around the military ship Galeb. Vacant of human presence, empty, abandoned, those images are representing almost mythical places of glorious past.  – Branka Bencic

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