Apoteka @ galerija Photon Ljubljana

… The exhibition brings together Trbuljak’s latest body of work from his photography series Sketches for a Sculpture, a series of still life photographs of sorts, with arranged ready-made objects as attributes of his two professions. He says about the concept behind the exhibits: “Godard said that cinema is truth twenty-four times per second, Haneke said it is a lie twenty-four times per second, and for me, cinema is twenty-four ready-mades per second.”

The solo exhibition by Goran Trbuljak WOW WOW and the Ready made was previously organized in the framework of Cinemaniac – Think Film, in July 2019, as support program of the Pula Film Festival. Organized by Apoteka and curated by Branka Benčić.

Exhibition catalogue and essay here (Pula 2019)

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