3rd IAB Industrial Art Biennial at Apoteka

Marina Orlić: Untitled / Uljanik
09/10/2020 - 21/11/2020

Friday October 9th, 6 PM
in the framework of 3rd Industrial Art Biennial – Ride into the Sun

Marina Orlić’s textile collages or wall cloths are made from discarded pieces of clothing, discarded fabric from tailors and other textile fragments that the author shapes with the intention of emphasizing the beauty of the worn out texture of the material and its connotations of value. Marina Orlić’s textile collages, handmade from several layers of fabric, become wavy ripples on the surface flowing in different directions, inspired by folk tradition, medieval tapestries, Indian and Japanese embroidery techniques, as well as past or present non-textile aesthetics, such as Minoan frescoes, Roman mosaics and kitchen wall tapestries from the 19th century.

Juxtaposing opposites, softness of textiles and heavy industry, fragility of matererial, uncertain vistas and precarious future of shipyard Uljanik along with fragility of human existance, the posthumuous solo exhibition by Marina Orlić (1958 – 2019) in the framework of 3rd Industrial Art Biennial pays a tribute to the artist’s untimely death.

Courtesy of Mioković family.

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